3 Things Medicos Miss In Clinical Postings.

Here are some things medicos usually don’t do in their clinical postings. These mistakes prevent you from being a good Doctor. These are essential in learning medicine easily. Read and Adapt them.

Ask Questions

You will get to know only when you seek to. Never assume that your questions may be silly or simple, What if my friends laugh on me? Usually in the beginning of college we Medicos are hesitating. Never bother about them you are here to learn, even they may not be knowing the answer. In medicine, even the simplest things make your basic strong. Your daily goal should be to learn something new, over a period of time you will be having bunch of knowledge that helps you to sustain in medical field. So next time you see or hear something New, Stop being Shy ,Question it, Learn it!

Do it than just seeing.

Do you remember any procedure like cannula insertion or catheterisation or simple BP measurement done by nurses completely? Difficult, not in the first go. It’s okay. It happens because we don’t try it hands on, we just see it and easily forget it. A wise man Confucius once said ”I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”. We only understand it when we try and fail few times, then we tend to do it better next time. Small steps are very important in doing any procedure. These little steps make your skills better these skills, in return, make you good Doctor. Think rationally why is it done like that, why can’t be done it any other way. We have learnt in childhood that Doing it once is better than just Seeing it 10 times. It makes learning better and retain memory for long time too. So next time stop just seeing standing in the corner, Go front and Give it Hands on.!

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Elicit the sign.

You are familiar with definitions of signs and symptoms

Sign – doctor finds them on patient

Symptom – patient himself complains about them and comes to hospital.

These help to diagnose a disease. So, by medical literature you are bound to elicit a sign on patient. Don’t get nervous after listening to me that you should be eliciting all the signs. No never. Medicos don’t have to be as good as doctor/professor. You can even find easy and simplest signs on patients which can help you to diagnose the disease. Such as a) Simple deviation in a Gait of a person can lead to diagnosis of nervous system involvement/or brain lesions.

Chin-up sign in ptosis in children.
Chin-up sign in ptosis in children.

b) A patient lifting his chin to see properly can lead to diagnosis of ptosis of eyelid. These are some examples, many of signs are very simple we can understand them by just applying our common-sense. No one expects you to diagnose and manage a patient. But it’s fun in learning if you are curious to elicit a sign, diagnose it, then learn how do they treat him. The skill of finding the sign comes again by ‘Observing’ closely. Never miss out a thing in hospital. You will never forget the signs again in your life. That is the impact of self-learning. So try eliciting a sign.!

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