About Authors

Dr. Santosh Mole.

Always a Medico chasing my dream of being a Doctor. I am INTERN in GIMS GADAG, KARNATAKA. When it comes to the matter of my future life, I’m proud of it as it is a Noble profession.

In this stressful and sometimes boring life, my passion, my good habits keep me breathing. Writing has become my Passion since very few years back. I was bad at writing until I thought to take it as a challenge and learn it. As days passed, I learnt new things, new ways and more of better writing skills and yet here I’m still learning to put it in a better way.

As they say learning never ends.

 Dr. Shreepriya Gowda.

Even I am INTERN in GIMS GADAG. The medical field was solely my choice, I didn’t imagine myself  going to other courses other than this , not even a single day , it’s my pride , profession and  everything.

 I am so novice in the field of writing , my interest originated when I wrote little poems on things I love and received a good response, it potentiated my hopes on writing so I took up this totally new thing which I am currently enjoying and also seeking knowledge apart from our academics.

And also the intimacy we two share about writing is a major part which holds this bright.

Taking pictures of golden mornings and silver evenings is my obsession. I’m interested in scribbling my thoughts. When my brain is not crowded with studies and work, I like to spend time alone in a quiet place, also I paint and sketch even though rare but when I do, I do a lot.