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The first attempt of conception and entrance exam is always with unsatisfying result. These both need frequent attempts to get satisfied. Mind me but it’s true.After a persistent practice and with dedication towards this process the result is me. Don’t get shocked. I mean Foetus after conception and medico after exam.
Today I’m going to tell u a story of medico through the eyes of foetus. Because I feel these both experience same joy, pain, situations, struggles, to survive, growth, love, hatredness in their respective times.
So how does it feel to be a Medico. Let’s walk in through the monologue. 
1) After few attempts, I got medical seat among  the competition with lakhs of students 
Likewise only one sperm entering the ovum among millions of sperms racing behind it.
Seems great achievement, Right? Yes it is. But I didn’t know it was just a first step of my journey, there is still a long path to be taken. 
2) Happiest day of my life is fresher’s day. On that day, I m officially noted as Medico. Then I’m being introduced as new junior to seniors, but seniors in reply Rag me, It’s infectious tradition that spreads  every year. That seems unfair when I m hurt but I don’t take it seriously because it’s fun part of my introduction. So I had ugly face with Happy heart inside.
Likewise the day of fertilization (i.e. birth of embryo) is the precious day for mother .Even she has to suffer some painful symptoms in return. Now she is also,dull face with Happy heart inside. Because we both know painful watering of seed has tasty fruits in return. 
3) Coming to my beginning days of journey, I had  to migrate to new place to study. Then I made enough friends to pass the time for night outs n memorable trips. Traveling is one habit which we inherit from our seniors immediately after entering the college.
Likewise the junior embryo has to travel from it’s birth place(isthmus) to new environment (uterus) to grow well.
4) it was the time when my heart started beating like never before. Heart rate rises suddenly when i see her in the campus. She makes me feel alive in this mid of boring days.
 Likewise, At 6-7 weeks heart of foetus starts beating for the first time. That makes foetus alive from then.
 5) Then first year exams are real headache to new budding medico like me rushing door to door of seniors rooms to get marked only important questions before the day of exams. This exam tests my survival rate in the medical field if I pass fine,move on or again try few more attempts as before.
 Likewise but with the tough situation. After 20 weeks women is scanned to check physical conditions of foetus if it is growing well, fine move on or if it’s not then, End it, because no attempts left to try again 
     This is a stage where both of us get stressed before results of tests.
     Fortunately, we both passed it. Hip Hip Hurray!!!
 6)Then comes period of clinical postings which are made for budding medico  like me to get knowledge, experience, confidence but in reality the proud of wearing a stethoscope around my neck and passing through the wards without actually entering them is unimaginable that never gained me knowledge about medicine but definitely boosts my confidence level to do something in this field.
 Similarly, Young foetus entering into the next stage of growth with budding limbs swimming in fluid feels to get out soon and fly like bird independently.
 7) it is when I get stuck in middle of ward in front of HOD of subject asking me a question that I  never heard of and all patients in ward stare at me without a noise, just to watch how HOD yells at all students. And I need to mention this scene takes 1 hour to end.
 Likewise, the foetus is sometimes stuck in the fluid strangulating and kicking uterus when its own friendly umbilical cord is wrapped around its neck. Unfortunately this scene is more dangerous than my situation but luckily after sometime by making strange actions it gets rid of.
 8) By the end of this journey there awaits, final exam which test knowledge, confidence, experience to handle a patient. Trust me medical exams are so stressful that from starting days  many of us acquire a disease called insomnia but we still don’t care about our health. Not aware of how much we eat, sleep, spend time with friends. All the time only with books, books and books(NO  Alternative). And all this for a certificate that says “I have graduated and capable to practice independently”
  Likewise in the same phase of journey. All of a sudden woman’s water get broken.The fully grown foetus is ready to come out of her. The pain she suffers during labour is unmatched, But they say more than the pain we get when all our bones break in an accident. And again all this for new baby.
 9)Finally we have come to an end.It’s a Graduation day. After getting passed through final exams, we are left with a party to enjoy.I am sure we all excuse our friends one last time for their unintentional mistakes and smile at them with tears in eyes, knowing that we are no more staying together. We have to leave each other to progress in our own life. But all this makes us happy reminding good rough old days with them.Anyway, now you are officially doctors and Satisfied Ex-Medico.
 Similarly As soon as the baby comes out and entersthe new world. It starts crying but actually a good sign of birth. Now mother is looking at her baby with eyes filled tears and wide smile on face showing signs of relief and satisfaction for all sufferings.
Like this both medico n foetus carrying mother suffer just to get a satisfying result. 
 This is a story of every typical medico in comparison with a Mother n Foetus.
 Honestly, A new try to make u understand about life of medico.
 All the struggles are well paid, if u just hav patience to wait.
 The medical profession is Noble profession. We suffer a lot to serve Humans. All we deserve is just a Respect .GIVE IT.
  Hope u liked it.There are many unleashed stories and events in the life of a medico. From now we will unwrap every moment. Just stay in Touch. 
  Comment ur honest opinions and share it to all ur medico and non medico friends.
                                       Signing off BEING MEDICO.
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