Happy Doctor’s Day

We all are living in the post COVID phase. If you’re reading this article Congrats!! You have survived pandemic with or without getting affected by it. That was a catastrophic phase in which we lost many things, learnt some things. Our lives changed permanently. This is a heartfelt note to Doctors who fought in that phase.

A letter to a Doctor

I feel very heavy but at the same time I feel proud too to pen down this letter. I start by saying Thank You!. For your sacrifice, constant hard work, sleepless nights in those difficult times. No one had a hope of surviving the pandemic except you. You gave us hope, a strength to smile.You saved Us.

Sacrificing your personal life, children, friends and much more. You never gave a thought to your own deteriorating health but you still did your best to save us. You hardly slept at night. The rising number of cases kept you awake all the nights for the whole year. You gave up sleep to let us sleep peacefully.

You barely completed your food before rushing into the emergency ward to put an oxygen mask on the patient. So that he is getting enough energy to live but none thought of your draining energy. You were fainting, falling ill, burned out but you still worked like a machine without stopping.

That suffocating PPE kit was just a step behind to asphyxiate and kill you by depriving you of air. We saw many collapsing on the floor due to difficulty breathing. You were drowning in your own sweat. Full of rashes on face due to tight mask. Nevertheless, you kept fighting for us. You just passed those suffocating days by taking pictures, making memories and posting them without letting us know the pain inside you. And your caption be like ‘We are there for you, we will fight it’.

According to WHO, 1,15,000 health workers died due to COVID-19 infection all over the world. Almost all of them were infected during duty hours. Doctor’s are Big assets of the country. It was a tragic loss. We lost you, your family, children, friends lost you.

You have done all sacrifices, commitments to save lives following ethics for us. But in return what you received from us Stone peltings, Getting beaten by sticks while on duty. You were not responsible for BEDS or OXYGEN SCARCITY in hospitals. But still you got beatings from patient attenders. It is hospital management who was responsible and not you. You went house to house to vaccinate them, they hit you back thinking you came to inject a virus. People just took out their frustration, anger, and grief on you. This is the situation we are living in. We lost our ethics, humanity. But you still took all criticism and served selflessly without showing it up.

I now say SORRY for all of that. You deserved something better. It’s been a year since all cases came down. Pandemic ended showing its all mighty waves. We survived, now living a new normal life. But you sacrificed your life. We are proud of you because you died fighting. You are our SUPERHERO.

On this Doctors day we all wish you a Happy Doctors Day. Remembering you and your achievements. I wish you could have seen this world coming back to normal life. Your family and friends still miss you. This letter is from every suffered and survived human being to all Doctor’s Resting In Peace and Doctor’s still fighting out there. We are proud of you.You deserve our RESPECT…

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