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Remember our childhood?We used to hate doctors for a moment for giving us injections , while they used to ease their job by distracting us, by asking simple questions just to make us feel  painless. How beautiful is it right?!  But what if this profession doesn’t exist on Earth, ohhh that’s horrible just to imagine for a second, the EARTH without DOCTORS.  This was a seed of hope in my subconscious mind for both inspiration and dreams, for my way of becoming a DOCTOR. 
  You know, ” Fantasies and dreams don’t demand money” .
1.On the very first day in college we encounter many scary aliens from different planets and it feels just as if you have landed on another world totally strange. I mention, this is very transient until you know and get used to them.
2. All the professors, from all the branches, at the very first day of the class show up introducing themselves and you sitting in the corner staring at them keenly and making efforts to remember their names and to store it in your memory.
Soon after listening to the names of huge collections of books and their respective authors, it happens so confusing just as we get confused in the matter of different structures emerging through the same foramen of the skull. It’s the different structures who are authors for the same foramen, subject. I know this metaphor sounds crazy but it is.
3.Two important causes of anxiety in  1st phase of MBBS are
             1. When your batchmate of opposite sex talk to you in the middle of the crowd and whole batch stands staring at you.
             2. When the senior calls you again in the middle of the crowd just to ask the introduction and meet his/her friends.
4. If the college is located in a serene, greeny and quite beautiful place then you start admiring it endlessly, until your dates for internal exams are released.
Like just in case if you successfully manage to remove the brain out of the skull and separate the  spinal cord intact without damaging any of the fine structures, you find yourself on high, admiring your own work until it turns out to be the same specimen for your viva, then at least for a moment you stop admiring.
5. Anatomy class ,where you get amazed how the internal organs beautifully coordinate with each other making a proper functioning human being.The beauty of anatomy is just inspiring when it comes to concept of anastomosis, as u know every organ (except heart)has more than 1 arteries to supply blood incase one fails to do. Same applies to our life when it comes to choice in plans we make, if one fails be ready with other.If u need to understand anatomically here it  goes, grossly all our organs cranial to caudal function quite normally, keeping us awake physically, the most struggling being our eyes for working at dual things, at one side looking the professor and at the other searching for the familiar faces to make new Friendship. Histologically, our nearly 100 billion neurons and their synapses firing rapidly one after the other sometimes for acquiring knowledge and sometimes for our crazy, magical, stupid thoughts which never ends. Osteologicaly, our weight bearing skeleton, the sole responsible for our beautiful upright posture, especially vertebrae making our backbone still and straight and as stressful day ends even backbone leans not so stiff and bent.
Physiology class is the most interesting of all, it  is because, when you become aware that hormones are the root cause of all the emotions and feelings we have. Get to know the concepts and mechanism of functioning of an individual cell and how it all integrates our system to function like a perfect machine, like where every basic thing has been planned by someone to work in the way it has to. Basically it’s the true, exciting inner science of the body.
Biochemistry class, it’s all about chemicals, chemicals, chemicals ……..,at times turns out to be the most irritating and distressing,  but you are helpless.
Though it’s the cycle of life where no cycle being its Kreb’s, urea cycle, gluconeogenesis, glycogenesis, glycogenolysis and many more never stops even when you stop studying them.
6.Two best results of ragging are fun and new bond, which by Nature ,goes hand in hand based on the principle of give and take. Not getting me? Okay, cool. I will make you understand.
Fun begins when seniors mock one of my friends on his characteristic behaviour towards them. All the seniors gathered in the huge hall  burst out laughing, while my poor friend started  crying smoothly without control. And this chain is all set for everyone . 
New bond begins when fun wraps up at the end of the day. We get to know all seniors and even the same from them too. The next day when we see a familiar senior the expression of the face suddenly changes and our mind says,”I know him/her and I am safe now” and ragging has played its role.
7. As you enter the hostel mess you may give a minute for yourself to deeply exhale by looking at types of sambar, types of bhajis. In the beginning days your gustatory receptors respond well to the new stimuli, as days pass even these receptors get sick of the same boring food, even making us dull all the day, funny to hear but takes it all to experience.
  Somewhere among the messy mess at lunch time, you heed to people speaking about cadaver and dissection stuff ,you be like, Ewwww,Can’t they just shut their words and eat. At times your vomiting centre, CTZ reflexively responds to your overthinking on things making you nauseous and I believe, you don’t vomit due to not enough stimuli .
8. Popping in the bathroom listening to the music we find ourselves washing clothes and that insane thought questioning, isn’t there something like a laundry man muscle, if it is, would be helpful,  if not no problem,  could name one. Just like the muscles of marriage( medial rectus), boxers muscle (serratus anterior), cheating muscle(superior oblique), Tailor’s muscle(sartorius) you know if I could write the list goes on. Crazy medicine drives us crazy who are already crazy.
These are the very first, new experiences we go through, when we get to medical school. And what matters is how you spend the time, which never looks back. Only  memories stay along with us for life long. And we turn out to be a very big family, when we step out of the institution for the last time.
Hope u liked it. Keep following and share maximum. We will be back with some more untold stories and events in a life of a medico. Just stay in Touch. 
                                    Signing off BEING MEDICO.
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