A Heartwarming Encounter: A Day in Paediatrics ward

Children from Paediatric wards.

Paediatric rotations are an essential component of our medical school education. They teach us not only about diseases and treatments but also about the resilience and innocence of children. One particular incident in the paediatrics ward left an unforgettable impression in my heart, which I would like to pen it on this Doctor’s Day.

It was a typical day, or so I thought until I met a 5-year-old boy with sickle cell anemia. His little form sat on the hospital bed, his eyes full of agony and longing. Despite his condition, there was a light in his eyes that captivated me. After doing the appropriate examinations and assuring his comfort, I was ready to go on to the next patient. But right as I was about to leave his bedside, he did something unexpected. With a faint grip, he held my hand and softly whispered, “Please don’t leave; you’re my doctor.” His remarks struck a chord within me.

Here was a child with a life-changing condition who wanted nothing more than company and assurance. In that moment, I recognized the significant impact we, as healthcare providers, had on our patients, particularly the children. Unable to refuse his request, I returned to the chair beside his bed. We talked about his favorite cartoons, his desire to become a superhero and his beloved brother back home.

His laughter filled the room, temporarily obscuring the beeping monitors and surroundings. But it wasn’t all discussion; we played games and told stories. For a short period, the weight of his disease was removed, giving way to the innocence and delight of childhood. As my time in the ward came to an end, I gently reminded him that I needed to leave. He reluctantly let go of my hand, but not before asking, “Promise me you’ll come back to visit me.”

Image's of children from Paediatrics ward.
Image’s of children from Paediatrics ward.

Those words tugged at my heartstrings. That little plea contained a universe of trust and dependence. I promised to return and waved farewell as I went out of the ward. That day taught me far more than any textbook could. It taught me the essence of my profession doesn’t just lie in the physical healing or healing of the disease itself. It’s a step forward which impacts the overall faith of the patient and the population in doctors.

This certainly shows that the doctor-patient relationship has not deteriorated despite the advent of newer technologies in several aspects. On this doctor’s day, I hope my respected readers could certainly spare some time to reflect on such moments and get inspired by the impact they have even as a student taking history in the white coat.

At last, cherish the little moments throughout your tireless journey of being a doctor because at last, its not the destination that matters but the memories you make throughout the journey. Happy Doctors Day, my fellow medicos!

-Being Medico

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