A Heartwarming Encounter: A Day in Paediatrics ward

Children from Paediatric wards.

Paediatric rotations are an essential component of our medical school education. They teach us not only about diseases and treatments but also about the resilience and innocence of children. One particular incident in the paediatrics ward left an unforgettable impression in my heart, which I would like to pen it on this Doctor’s Day. It […]

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Happy Doctor’s Day

We all are living in the post COVID phase. If you’re reading this article Congrats!! You have survived pandemic with or without getting affected by it. That was a catastrophic phase in which we lost many things, learnt some things. Our lives changed permanently. This is a heartfelt note to Doctors who fought in that […]

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New Normal…

I tried and tried really hard but I couldn’t conceal myself from this ridiculously saddening  atmosphere that has surrounded me and the world. Yes, covid 19- THE PANDEMIC. You may grumble as soon as you read the topic about, why didn’t they get any other interesting topic. Just read it through, we don’t screw it […]

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