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I tried and tried really hard but I couldn’t conceal myself from this ridiculously saddening  atmosphere that has surrounded me and the world. Yes, covid 19- THE PANDEMIC.

You may grumble as soon as you read the topic about, why didn’t they get any other interesting topic. Just read it through, we don’t screw it at all. Because this matters for us and we believe it does for you too.

Here is this road, quite a long one I was walking on, as I walked there were rail of beautiful tall coconut trees, green fields underneath on either side, for a moment I thought why wouldn’t these lasts as  long as the road is but as I walked I encountered huge thorny plants, you all know these plants.

Now we are at the same phase of that road completely desperate, shattered about the situation but don’t forget to remember those joyful days we had back on our path with those coco trees and green fields.

We all know it has been tough to hold up on the time we all are going through. But in the midst we never failed to keep ourselves up also, by whatever means. Each one has their own way.

Our Doctors, Frontline workers, interns, seniors who are all working to their very best in this pandemic, we all owe them a thank you, so BIG THANKS to you all.

Interns of GIMS, GADAG

And yes we are here in our homes doing our best to keep us healthy and our mind stable. At times to study, to phone, to sleep, to food, to talks and much more. At a certain point we think “Hey, am I able to cope up with my studies or anything I’m bound to do.” It’s okay to have felt like that. We all have. All you need to do is respire, keep studying or whatever you are doing. Surely we all will get over it.

Mentally you may or have experienced at least slight fluctuations or disturbances, surely because our life is not the same as of now. At such times don’t restrain yourself from telling things even if it is small to your family or friends. Don’t let the deception of social media concern you, by this I don’t mean everything in social media is a blur, but yeah something. So it’s all your choice.

If any of our loved ones got infected, surely we isolate them but remember it’s physically, don’t isolate mentally. Make them laugh, talk, entertain, just don’t make them feel as if they are going through something very dangerous. Just be casual as you would have before with them.

As yourself be there,

• Let the soothing breeze flows through your ruffled hair,

•Let the photons of morning sunlight make you happy as they reach you as you close your eyes and face it.

•And here is this common phenomenon we all know, when we see a background like bright blue sky we see floaters in front of our eyes, those look like little worms or blobs that move with our eye movement. But what are they actually? There are some particles suspended in the vitreous humor (fluid in eye) like RBC’s, WBC’s, clumps of protein these cast a shadow on retina, as  closer they are to the retina larger they appear. They are scientifically called Muscae volitantes (flying flies).

You know what, our brain ignores them after some time. Same way you too try to ignore your annoying distractions just as our brain does with the floaters.

•Let the rain drops remind how pure they are just like your soulful thoughts,

•Let the sky reminds you how colorful, vibrant your life is,

•Let the trees remind you, you couldn’t be same all the time,

You don’t need to apologize for what you feel. Just follow below steps if you would love them to, can help you in some way.


1) Control your Breath.

      Well you may have noticed, breathing changes according to our situation. While in happy times – deep and normal, while in frustrated times – increased and shallow. If you get control on your breathing then you get hold on the  situation you are in. A well known fact is that breathing reduces anxiety. Keeps Body Mind n’ Soul calm.That helps you to think rationally.

2) Observe Nature.

         As well said, “Nature is the best Healer”. Did you observe, everyday sunrises aside from the point of origin of the last day. The flowers open their petals slowly to display their beauty. The discipline of those ants striving to be in line. The vast variety of shades of colours nature has. Not just 10 we have in our crayons.

       Observing all these kinds of things that nature has a role to play, may doesn’t fetch you marks in your test, the kind of job you want, not to impress someone or any wish might not turn true you had once wished god. But surely, these things give you a kind of satisfaction in your daily life. The satisfaction of being alive in this wonderful nature. These things add up and give life to your days. You start feeling light, stress-free. You feel Amazed many times. Try it once. You may get addicted to Nature, because I’ve been a victim since I realised.

3) Being Conscious.

       A great man once said,”I only drink tea, when I drink tea”. Sounds funny right? Do you feel the taste, smell,colour of tea every time you drink it, possibly never. We drink it passively most of the time. Passively means, thinking something different in mind about past/future and being unaware of tea you are having. Sadly, you are losing your precious present. I hope now you get the above statement. From now every time you do any activity, put your heart in it. Leave the past/future, Live the present.


     Hobbies keep us enthusiastic, energetic. Do what you like and what you’re good at in these tough times (But again not to impress someone because that may go the other way). Never set your mind free then it may rush to think something else unnecessary.

5) Parents/ Friends.

     These are our true helplines. They are our energy-boosters. They are our strength. Go and talk to them if you feel low, they will never step back to talk.    

So yes this is all, Hope you didn’t get bored.

Don’t forget you are eccentric in this world.Strength and prayers to all our readers. You are our source of motivation.

At last you have Zygomaticus major right, then smile:-)

signing off

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  1. Yes just we need to move on with the flow. Thanking doctors police and all the covid front line workers.

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