Hair: A Charm to the Beauty

In the context to persuade the meaning of hair to people, we found hair is hair for some, seduction(attraction) for some, fashion for some, matter of decency for some and many more. I am talking particularly about scalp hair. What actual facts are you aware of your hair? Who doesn’t bother about their hair atleast at one certain point of time. I know people care a zillion times in their life time. There is no gender inequality.

Some people sulk about their type of hair not to be wavy, curly, coily, straight, or kinky and the texture like fine, medium and thick and the colour to be black, brown, blond etc. In contrast there are people who accepts their hair they are born with.
Literally people drive themselves so crazy about their hair to the extent that they don’t spare anything coming in it’s way of getting what they want.
Otherway some people flip their hair just like that. Both choices are appreciated and are cool.
Hair growth apart from providing a hub for salon busines, we slide off it’s exclusive function of being protective to the most important organ our brain from UV radiation, trauma, insulation from cold and hot.

What constitutes a hair?

Hair is made up of a tough protein called keratin.
Hair which is so easy to look and comment on is a complicated structure. It’s more like a plant with all looking so beautiful and simple above the ground with all its root system complicated and messy below it.

Hair Anatomy
Anatomy of Hair

Scalp is like the ground and the part of hair we see above it is just the shaft, below the scalp system including follicles, glands(sebaceous), blood vessels (capillaries), nerve fibres and muscle (erector pili muscle) are present. It is this system responsible for your hair growth.
If you have noticed, our hair has an exclusive character to renew itself without scarring.

Why straight or wavy or curly hair?

In a nutshell the answer is cross – sectional circumference of hair shaft. People with straight hair has circular circumference, while people with curly hair has oval hair shaft. The more circular the shaft, the straighter it gets. Flatter the oval shaft, curlier it gets.

Cross-section of hair shaft
Cross-section of hair shaft.

Why the amount of shine of hair differs in people?

Peek-a-boo it is again cross sectional shape. Straighter hair is shinier because sebum from sebaceous gland travel down the hair more easily. The curlier or kinkier the hair, more difficulty the sebum has travelling down the hair and hair looks dry and dull.

Why some people can’t grow their hair beyond certain length and some people have no trouble growing long hair unless they choose to cut short?

To know the interesting reason behind it,  you should make an effort to understand the growth cycle of hair in 3 phases i.e.

1)Anagen phase – active/growth phase of hair i.e cells in the root of hair divide rapidly adding to shaft. In short hair grows from base and not from tip.80-90% of scalp hair spends 3-4 years in this phase. Now consider a person with short anagen phase i.e his/her hair spends less time in this phase, this person obviously can’t grow hair after a certain length because growth period has finished already. Applying it to person with long hair has long anagen phase. Some people say I have never been to salon that my hair never grows, such people has very short anagen phase.

From my point of view he can save so much money in his life. Funny huh?

What is the hidden science behind head massage with oil and hair growth?

You can surely make your existing hair strong and to some extent to increase your hair thickness which is inconclusive.
When you massage your scalp the blood flow to the scalp increases through dilation of vessels which supply your hair follicle. This strengthen the hair follicles and prevent further hair loss.
So please my peers stop applying hair oil to the whole length believing it makes your hair grow. It is like feeding the dead. Apply hair oil to your scalp 2-3 times a week and massage which stimulates your hair growth by increasing blood circulation.

Does hair gets ageing?

Yeah it does.The next phase,

2)Catagen phase– it is the end of active growth of hair. Hair detaches from it’s blood supply, after that club hair or dead hair is formed. A club is formed at the base of hair and it is what holds the dead hair until it is shed.
Again a question might arise, why doesn’t all our hair are dead I mean it doesn’t have live cells?
So generally most of the length of your hair is dead, the only live cells in a growing hair are at the very base, under the skin. While a club has no live cells.These are the hair you notice when you comb, style, shower, scratch your hair. You can identify club hair by the bulb shape at the root, light in color.

Are you loosing 50-100 scalp hairs a day? Is it hair loss?

3)Telogen phase– old hair is released or detached and that particular hair follicle rests for 3 months. After that the follicle goes back into the anagen phase to grow new hair.

If you have understood the phases you know what it is. No my friends it is not hair loss. It is completely physiological and normal. The dead hair in telogen phase is what constitutes this.

How do people get different colored hair?

We don’t fail to question the color of hair being black, brown – ebony, brown-mahogany, brown oak, blond, red hair.

It is more of genetics and the amount of melanin pigments – Eumelanin (responsible for b lack) and Pheomelanin (responsible for red).
We all have both pigments but the ratio of those two differs resulting in a variety of hair colour.
People with black hair has large amount of Eumelanin, brown hair has moderate amount of Eumelanin, blond hair very little Eumelanin and people with red hair has lots of Pheomelanin.

Have you ever experienced nasty headache when you tie your hair tightly more like a pony tail?

This headache is purely extracranial means it doesn’t have anything to do with brain. It is caused due to pericranial muscle fascia and tendon traction due to exertion of strain on scalp by tightly tied hair. It is tension- type headache.
So girls why you invite headache yourself while you can tie your hair loosely.

These are the hard facts about hair and its growth. Don’t zone out thinking it ends here. We will proceed further on this topic within short time. A sight to behold.

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